Monday, December 15, 2014

Annie Movie Release Fan Party

We're so excited about the new Annie movie around here we had to celebrate!  

Concept and Styling by In Flight Celebrations

Printable Designs by Go Against The Grain
Cakepops by Sweet Whimsy

Music Note Cookies and Marquee Cookies by KJ Cookies
Cupcake Toppers by Edible Details

Garland by The Flair Exchange
Maracon Tower by B & G Catering
Annie Topper by Craft That Party

Annie Cookies by Semi Sweet Confections
Cupcake Wrappers by The Tomkat Studios

I wanted to incorporate on the party all those elements that make this movie known for. We chose an old building location, based our theme around music and the sayings from the movie as "The sun will come out tomorrow" and "Hard Knock Life".  The toppers and the cookies were strictly based on the new movie with the bycicle and sneakers and including purple on the colors because the color can be seen through the clothes and especially the sweater that Annie uses on the new movie.  Red balloons are just a must have for any Annie party!

The cake idea came together on wanting to use all the colors together using different textures on each of the four tiers and the heart locket was a must have!  I'm so glad my vendors make all my dreams come true!! To top it all we had some beautiful models who dressed in the all new Annie Collection from Target and they are so adorable and had so much with it.  The goodies were a bonus.

Aren't they the cutest?! 
hey, it's a hard knock life but these girls are so much fun to have around...

Bubblegum Necklace by Autumn Lynn's Chocolates

"You are never fully dressed without a smile!" ~ Annie

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Confetti Party Inspiration

Who doesn't love a good confetti party? 
 I've been wanting to celebrate a special occasion with one and I'm joining Knoxville Moms Blog on their 1st Birthday Celebration with a styled table themed with confetti.  It seem like the right way to celebrate!

This is my inspiration for the styled table and I can't wait to mix in their logo and their colors and celebrate big time.  If you are a mom in the Knoxville area, make sure to link over to their blog and see what these ladies are all about.  I love reading their informative posts and keeping up with their gatherings even though my kids are a little grown now but I wish that when I moved to the area 9 years ago I would've found a group like this that keep each other motivated and share each other's ideas and crafts and the positive and negative sides of everyday parenting including subjects as special as Mothering through Grief, Arrival of a Second Child and more. You can also find their sister sites, City Moms Blog across the country here!
Thanks Knoxville Moms Blog for having me celebrate this special day with all of you
 and Happy 1st Birthday!

I mixed in yellow also for a cheerful and festive look!

I like sharing what I'm working on with all of you, especially with sneak peeks on instagram.  You can see the true way of a party evolving from an idea to the day of the party and is my favorite way of showing you how little things inspire bigger and better things and how everything comes together. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Book of Life Movie Release Party

What a fiesta this has been! 

 I have shared sneak peeks on instagram with #thebookoflifeparty hashtag getting ready for this awesome styled party.  I can't wait to see The Book of Life movie on October 17th with my family and wanted to celebrate with of course a party!  So many different things call my attention to this movie as it is the theme, the hispanic traditions, the colors, the amazing casting, producer Guillermo del Toro and the music too!  I hope you enjoy the party as much as I did and inspires you to create your own Book of Life or Dia de los Muertos party this Halloween and enjoy the movie too!  

Our wonderful event photographer was Brianna Leigh Photography in Knoxville. Claudia at Tini Posh created the fun Book of Life inspired invitation and signs and labels for us. I like adding the flair from "La Muerte's" hat on to the background.  She wears palm leaves and pink feathers on her hat as well as candles and is surrounded by marigolds.  This all truly feels like "The land of the remembered".
  "Don't try to take it all in at once!"

Jenny at Craft That Party made wooden pegs with our theme to perfection!  We have "La Muerte", Manolo and Maria and how cute is that we even have Chuy the pig! Fondant toppers complimenting the theme were made by Brittany of Edible Details and I like all the colorful flowers, the succulents, the old book...everything!  

Book of Life guitar cookies, sugar skull little guys and mustaches and even a Team Manolo cookie were all created by Amanda of Semi Sweet Confections.  I think everything she makes is simply cute and sweet!!

Solid colors and sugar skulls chocolate covered oreos by Janet of Sweet Temptations.  These are my kids and hubby's favorites at any party!

Cut outs from Prettygrafikdesign. Serape fabric and background papel picado from MexFabricSupplies. Piñata table runner from the crafty Katie K Franklin.

Cake artist Sarah Ono Jones of Magpies in Knoxville, sculpted one amazing Dia de los Muertos cake for us.  Look at the fondant tile work on this cake!  

Epic fiestas everyday deserve all you can eat churros, right?!!
The lovely fondant toppers are also from Brittany at Edible Details on delicious mini cakes made especially for us at The Sweetery in Knoxville.

Piñata Cookie Cakes were made by Karen at KJ Cookies as well as the cutest mini flower cookies styled here on the terra cotta pots. The 'cakes' were filled with candy inside for a nice surprise while enjoying your cookie.  

Cupcakes were topped with the cutest heart colorful toppers and sugar skulls in fondant by our friend Wendy at Taste of Art by Wendy Symons, who also created the awesome big cookie inspired on a design by Save the Date Projects. 

Our cakepops are just as amazing and fun as well by Becca at Sweet Whimsy Shop and people loved them on our sneak peeks. We decided to add the heart cake pops as well to have the love portrait from the movie. 

The mini chocolate skulls are from the Frosted Petticoat and are adorable. I displayed them here on candy to bring out the designs.  

Please find all credits below and thanks so much for checking it out!  If you're a fan of the movie, feel free to share and link back to us and follow along on instagram and twitter as @inflightideas .  Also check out our Pinterest Board for the Book of Life Party inspiration and pin these for later!


Concept and Styling: In Flight Celebrations
Printable Invitation, Signs and Labels: Tini Posh
Piñata and Mini Flower Cookies: KJ Cookies
Big Sugar Skull Cookie and Cupcake Toppers: Taste of Art by Wendy Symons
Skull, Mustache, Guitar and Plank Cookies: Semi Sweet Confections
Mini Cake Toppers, fondant flowers and succulents:  Edible Details
Wooden Peg Toppers: Craft that Party
Chocolate Covered Oreos: Sweet Temptations
Cake Stand: Sarah Stands
Wooden Stands: Sweet Display
Piñata Table Runner: Katie K Franklin
Serape fabric and background papel picado: MexFabricSupplies
Cut Outs: Prettygrafikdesign
Chocolate Sugar Skulls: The Frosted Petticoat