Monday, February 28, 2011

Bird Silhouette Inspiration

The above tags by Susan's Greetings  inspired a whole table for me.
  I've been keeping an eye on everything silhouette
and knew that I wanted to make something with them,
until of course my little feather friends once again help my imagination flight...
 it had to be bird silhouettes!
Susan had created the tags inspired on the Taxi Timeless Treasure Fabric
and I incorporated those into the table perfectly if I can say so myself! 
Thanks Susan for your creative contribution to my Silhouette Table!

Bird Silhouette Tags - Susan Greetings
Black Cupcake Boxes - Simple Tastes
Invitation - Oh My Gluestick
Candy Wrappers and Tent Card Labels - Love the Day
Lemon Cake Truffles - Lollidreams
Lemon Cookies - Clara's Cookies

Candy Sticks, Assorted Chocolates and Lemonade Drops for treats.  Rosette Embellishments from Michaels.  Dessert plates found at Target go along great with the theme!

Hope you enjoy,
  contact me with your inspirations to help create a dessert table...
I'd love to help!


  1. Absolutely amazing! I'm so thrilled to have inspired your bird silhouette party theme. You've been a pleasure to work with!

  2. Thank you for including our Lucious Lemon Cake Truffles! As a party designer myself, I'm really inspired by this beautiful table. I love the black, white and yellow color scheme.