Friday, February 4, 2011

A little flashback...

I recently found these pictures of my littlest one's first two birthdays
and wanted to share with all of you a little flashback...
(By the way, he's now 7 3/4) 
 Tigger 1st Birthday in orange and light blue color coordinates. 
We celebrated in Orlando, FL with family and friends 
on a beautiful day at the park.  

Yummy Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes from Publix
(I miss Publix!!!) 

We had little Tigger picture frames with Joel's 1st Picture
for our guests, Orange and Light Blue M&Ms that back on those days
you could only order online....yes, I remember! And I put together
a Birthday Hat for him using a 1st Birthday hat from Party City on 
a round foam and decorated with paper streamer. In the back you can
barely see but I also made Candy Melt Lollipops in orange and light blue
colors with Winnie the Pooh designs.  So fun!

 Tigger figures from Dollar Tree were decorated on small foam circles
and orange paper streamer and I attached a 1st Birthday sign.  
(His gifts in the back matched the party with Tigger wrapping paper).

Second Birthday just as fun with Little People...
ohh ebay was good to me... I found so much there, 
including toddler cups with lids, banners and  place cards.
I made the cupcake toppers out of Little People stickers.

 Used some of the Little People toys to decorate the cake with
going with the farm theme which was one of his favorite Little People's toys,
there's a little mud puddle for the piggies in chocolate.  
I loved baking and making this cake!...

So his 8th birthday is coming soon in May,
and Yes!  I already started planning for it!  
It's so fun to see what they're into each year,
but for his 8th birthday I'm gonna give his guests
a little insight not on what he's into at the moment
but what he is actually all about,  all day, everyday of the year!
(Stay tuned!...)

Also looking forward to a post all about 1st birthdays really soon!! 


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