Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitation Guest Tutorial

I am honored to present my first guest post and is by Jenny from Embellishing Life.
Jenny has an Etsy shop with very cute handmade party supplies
and hosts a blog which she named 'Embellishing Life with handmade goodness'.
Today she brings us a tutorial on our blog for these cute Mickey Mouse invitations she created...

Looking to make Mickey Mouse invitations for a birthday party?  
Here are step-by-step directions to make your own:

You will need:
  • white card stock
  • black card stock
  • red card stock
  • white buttons
  • adhesives - glue stick & glue dots
  • cutting tools - scissors & circle cutter

Mickey head:
1.  Start by getting a Mickey head template for your invite.  I just googled "Mickey head template."  You'll get lots of images to choose from.  Print out the template of your choice.

2.  Trace on black card stock and cut out with scissors. 

Invitation text:
1.  Next print your invitation text on white card stock.  Fit as many as you can on one sheet (waste less :)

2.  Use a circle cutter to cut out the text so it fits on your Mickey head.  If you don't have a circle cutter you can use a small round dish or cup. 

3.  Use glue stick to adhere to Mickey's head.

 Red pocket:

1.  Using the red card stock trace around the bottom of your Mickey head.  Cut out and use as a template to cut the rest out

2.  Glue the edges of two red half circles together to make red pocket.

3.  Use glue dots to attach buttons to pocket. (I think they work the best for holding buttons on)

Now you have an adorable Mickey invitation for your party!

~ Jenny

Make sure you visit Jenny's shop for handmade cupcake toppers too! 
~ Mayra



  1. Love these! Great blog over here too! Following from Embellishing Life!

  2. Thank you Amy and thanks for following the blog!

  3. Thanks so much for letting me participate over here! :)

  4. i love these! what size envelope do they fit in to send them out?

  5. Hi Jonna! Aren't these great? I love that Jenny @ Embellishing Life was so sweet to share them with us! The size envelope will depend on the mickey head template that you use...Jenny says in here to google a mickey template. I suggest measuring your invitation when you're done or staying within a certain measure that you prefer when searching for a template. Thanks!

  6. what size where the above invitations and what envelopes did you find to mail them in? I have 5.25 x 7.25 envelopes, but i don't think these will be big enough.

  7. Hi, Jennifer. My invitations measured 5 x 6. I went about it a little backwards...I took my Mickey head to Michael's craft store and used it to find a proper size envelop. The envelopes came with some flat cards that I knew I'd be able to use for something else anyway. :)

  8. Thanks you so much for this!

    They look wonderful, just what we were looking for!!

    Thanks again and all the very best

  9. Where Can you find the white buttons? i have only been able to find in pairs not in bags

  10. Hi there! I will suggest buying the buttons in pairs, but if you need a bigger quantity try Joann's Fabrics or Hobby Lobby for a better selection.

  11. I can't find a template...very frustrating. Could someone send me a link to a template?
    This has been very helpful on how to make. Thanks for putting it up.

  12. Hello all!

    I just wanted to address some questions I've seen regarding creating these invites...

    Mickey head template:

    If you do a google image search for a Mickey head you will find many to choose from. Once you save or download the image you can adjust the size before printing your template.

    Here is a good template I found....


    The best place to find buttons in bulk is on etsy. Just do a supply search for white buttons.

    Here is a link to one shop on etsy that offers 100 white buttons for $4.50:


    If you only need 10 or 20 envelopes, your best bet is to check a craft store like Michaels. If you need over 30 it might be cheaper to check on etsy. Just search for "square white envelopes".

    Before making your invites I would definitely pick envelopes. Sometimes the exact size you need can be tricky to find. You will have the most luck finding 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch ones.

    Once you know your envelope size you can adjust you head template size to properly fit.

    Here's a link for envelopes on etsy: (also, most sellers will provide you with the exact number of envelopes you need...just send them a message)

    Feel free to contact me with any other questions! Happy creating!


  13. Where did you find the black cardstock?

    1. You can find black card stock at most craft stores such as Michaels and JoAnn. I think you would be able to find it even at office supply stores, or big box stores like Walmart.

    2. Walmart has it too! I also bought red poster board, it was only .97 for a huge one, might can find black too.

  14. Hi! I love this idea for my sons 2nd bday party!! So I'm in the process of making these invites and I have to say that I am so happy I read all the comments first about the envelopes before it got too late. Any-who, the part I am stuck on right now is how to figure out the red pocket! AHH! I really don't want to mess up so can u please give me a little bit more instructions on the red pocket!!! THANK YOU :)

    1. So I have tried a sample invite for my sons Bday and my red pocket did not come out looking like the one you showed. Can you please respond letting me know in more detail and possibly pictures on how exactly it is supposed to be together? PLEASE! I really love this idea :)

    2. Hello there! you'll have to measure your red half circles to your Mickey head template. Glue two red half circles together to make the pocket. If you have any more questions feel free to send me an email!


  15. I'm doing a Minnie version of this, but I'm confused about the pocket. If you're gluing the wording the Minnie head, are you attaching tge pocket as well?

    1. Hi Lisa! The pocket is not attached to the Mickey head at all. You would be only attaching the two semi circles to create the pocket. It serves as an envelope so you can pull the head and read the invite. Thanks for checking it out!

  16. love it...i will used it for my daughter's party...

  17. hello great blog but what font is it that you use

  18. wow is a great invitations card.. over all good design and very inspiring for me

  19. woww... i love these! what size envelope do they fit in to send them out?