Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School Lunch

Celebrating every step of my kids lives it's what I'm all about, and I like celebrating with them the last day of school and I share in their tears when they come home on the bus that last day.  I celebrate and reward every great accomplishments from progress reports, reading levels to award ceremonies....More than anything, because they value that as much as I value their hard work and discipline.  Great parenting, participation in your kids education and motivation makes a great difference.  So, the first day of school it's just as important to encourage, to motivate, to celebrate the arrival of one more year, one more accomplishment and one more goal!

This is how I celebrated my kids this year, with a lunch!  Since our first day of school is usually only a half day, I was able to welcome them back home and hear all about it at lunch time. 

You can celebrate your new year of school with a breakfast, a lemonade stand when they come home and if you're a busy working parent, celebrating it in the weekend it's also a great idea!  It does not have to be a big production and involve a lot of money.  I used things here that I was buying for lunch boxes anyways, and I kept it healthy!!!  

For decorations I used things I had at home like the suitcases, and chalkboards, library books and flowers from .....the grocery store (great bargain!). I made the banner in front of the table with scrapbook paper I already had from past years.  The solid color and inexpensive tableware I chose match the colors of their schools, yellow and green for "devil" for the other two!

I wanted to each one of them a surprise and picked up things for them that were not actually on their school supply list but they would enjoy having like neon colored pencils and fancy pens.

If you're not able to put together a party or small lunch, make them a baggy with few surprises or choose one day a week to surprise them with a special lunch in their lunch box, write a note and place it on the hard to forget agendas or stick it to their school a present and encouraging part of your child's education and their everyday routine and enjoy a great school year!!!

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