Monday, August 8, 2011

Late Summer Party Inspiration

I styled a little something inspired on Summer because no matter how much we want to think ahead for the's still HOT out there!!! 

I find a lot of my inspiration on Scrapbook embellishments and stickers, and these fun summer stickers inspired the colors and the feel I wanted to carry through this small table...

Mini Lemon Drop Cupcakes (from my local Walmart)  in a jar!
Because eating out of the jar makes everything taste better...seriously, it's comforting!

This party would be perfect pool side....

On a budget friendly note: I just used a pool towel for tablecover {free}, leftover plates, straws and utensils from different other parties, and the only thing I spent on was cupcakes and drinks.

The cake truffles from Lollidreams are in tropical flavor...YUM!
Key lime pie, orange-mango and piƱa colada

You can style a table of your own with very few things that you already have at home, pick a color combination and look through your stuff!

Wooden utensils {leftovers from our Travelers Party} from Shop Sweet Lulu

Hope you enjoyed the post and motivates you to create a late Summer party of your own, please do share pics with us and have fun!
~ Mayra


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