Sunday, November 20, 2011

Brittany Rumohr's Edible Details ~ Contest's Sponsor

I'm sure by now you must have heard of Edible Details, but if you haven't..... read on, because I'll tell you and show you more about Brittany Rumohr and her edible lovely fondant details!

There's a chance to win a $30 credit to Edible Details when you enter our Dessert Table Contest inspired on a Favorite Character.

About Edible Details:

For those not acquainted with fondant, it is a moldable sugar dough that gives a smooth finish to cakes and can be cut and molded into anything from 3-D animals to intricate initials. Fondant cupcake toppers are a simple way tie in party themes and impress attendees, while still enjoying the art and act of baking desserts at home.Edible Details has something for everyone from safari animals for a child's birthday party , to modern patterns and designs to suit any wedding. . Each order is crafted from their delectable vanilla or chocolate fondant, and shipped wherever the post delivers in the sturdiest packing supplies money can buy.

About Brittany Rumohr:

Brittany Rumohr, founder and chef behind Edible Details, works one-on-one with clients to accommodate any dream, whether it's adding to a theme, changing a color scheme, or inventing something completely new and unique.
Brittany Rumohr is a professional pastry chef and graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts School. After working in the cake and cupcake market for three years, Brittany decided to go into business for herself. It has truly become a sweet job thanks to her freedom to work one-on-one with customers to create the perfect cake toppers, 3-D toppers and cake decor for their special occasions. Since her entry into the cake decorating world she has been part of a competing team in two episodes of the hit TLC show "Ultimate Cake Off," and has been featured in numerous cooking and party planning blogs.

Edible Details

Totally adorable!

Thanks Brittany, for sponsoring our Contest, for being sooo patient with custom orders and for your fabulous work!

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