Monday, November 14, 2011

Meet our Judges ~ Dawn Smith {Not Just A Mommy}

Meet the creative woman behind Not Just A Mommy, Dawn Smith

I like her saying....It can't be just about the kids!

I invited Dawn to help me judge our Dessert Table Contest because I know she follows and admires some of the best party and event planners and stylers there are and she is one inspiring party momma herself!  I met on through Twitter and started following on her ideas as well, and the best thing I like about Dawn is how supportive and such a great fan she is!


About Dawn:

"Hello! My name is Dawn and I live in Seattle. I'm a mom to 2 wonderful boys, a proud military wife of a Marine and owner of a very hyper mini schnauzer.  I have a B.S. in Mathematics so I'm a bit of a geek but my true passion is entertaining. I have a little party blog called Not Just A Mommy! because I needed a place to get all the ideas out that were constantly pinging around in my head.  Hubby isn't very excited when I talk about party stuff, so I figured total strangers would be.  I don't just ramble about parties, though; I love to share about fun places to check out, cool crafts and tutorials, and all things entertaining. And every now and then, I may rant about something...but not too often."

Dawn's Parties:

I love how Dawn incorporates so many ideas into her parties.... I like playing I spy with her images because you'll find so many vendors, ideas and her own handcrafted goodies!

I LOVE that last one pictured....amazingly cute!

Follow along on Dawn's inspiration, creativity and ideas on her blog, facebook, twitter and pinterest!
and don't forget to get your entries in to our Contest by November 28th!!!

Thanks Dawn for judging our contest!!
~ Mayra


  1. What a fabulous intro! You make me sound so awesome :) Thanks for having me!

  2. I love Dawn and all her fabulous ideas!