Wednesday, February 1, 2012

$15 Gift Credit to The Market at Piggy Bank Parties!

I LOVE Piggy Bank Parties, I love being a part of the Piggy Bank Parties' Crew which means I'm a blog contributor at OINK! The Piggy Bank Parties Blog.

It is so much fun having not only a group of talented and creative fellow crew members but also amazing supporting friends.

Piggy Bank Parties is sponsoring our 500+ Facebook Fans Giveaway with a $15 Gift Certificate to their shop, The Market!

Here's a little bit of what you will find there and HINT, HINT!! Get yourself ready for Valentine's Day, along with the Valentine's Day Goodies that you will get from fellow crew member Cineca from Dreamin N Details!  You'll have yourserlf a free party, and save some money for YOUR Piggy Bank!

Stay tuned to Piggy Bank Parties blog and facebook this week to see our 1st ever Collaboration.  Where all the crew members got together to style a Vintage Valentine, using the Piggy Bank Parties Vintage Valentine Collection.  We are also sharing tutorials on the handmade items we created for the Collaboration on the OINK! blog this week.

Now hurry and visit In Flight's Facebook page for your chance to enter to win a Goody Bag including the $15 Gift Certificate to Piggy Bank Parties and many more, it ends tonight at 9PM EST!


  1. Would love to see that collaborative Vintage Valentine collection!

  2. These are some nice themes you have here. My daughter would be excited if she sees those pictures. I'm sure she'll ask me to buy her a piggy bank so she can afford this. It looks cute though. Good job!

    Cameron Scott