Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fun Food

I celebrated April Fools' Day today with fun food both savory and sweet,
perfect for any party!

For Savory,
Real Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes Cupcakes and Chicken Nuggets and Waffles

For Sweets,
Edible 'Spaguetti and Meatballs' Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

'Chocolate Covered Strawberries' and 'Carrots' Cake Balls

'Mashed Potatoes with butter' Hand decorated white cupcakes,
Edible 'Chicken Nuggets and Peas and Carrots'

... and a delicious looking 'Pie'


Edible Fondant (butter, peas and carrots, chicken nuggets
and Spaguetti toppers)  by Edible Details

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies by Ollie Tolly's Naturally Sweet Treats

Pie Cake and Strawberry and Carrots Cake Balls by Regina Long/Rosa's Catering

Savory Recipes found at Family Circle

  Hope you had a fun April Fools'!

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