Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Great Cake Bake ~ 2013

The Great Cake Bake is an annual Fundraiser Event for the Knox County Imagination Library Program.  I'm excited to have been able to style this Event again this year. The program provides kids ages Birth-5 with Free Books. Learn more about the program here!


Wooden Cake Stands by Sweet Display; Tassel Garland by The Flair Exchange; Printable Banner, tags and labels by Three Little Monkeys Studio
Styling by In Flight Celebrations; Printable Banners by Three Little Monkeys Studios

Here's what I brought in for the Bake Sale this year!

Cupcakes with Fondant Toppers inspired on reading and my blog by Edible Details

I was so excited that Karen at KJ Cookies accepted my challenge to make some bookmark cookies, then again...I don't think that is so terribly a challenge. Thanks Karen!!
Strawberry/Cream Cheese Push Up Cakes with Fondant Toppers by Love & Sugar Kisses
SPECIAL THANKS TO Three Little Monkeys Studio for all the help with the Printable Supplies!
I'll leave you with more cake......


  1. Love your pictures and love stumbling onto your exciting blog!!! Here is a post I wrote on the Great Cake Bake in Knoxville. To date, it's had the most 'hits" of all my posts -- folks love these cakes!

  2. Love all these pictures. Brings back many memories of the Great Cake Bake 2013!

    1. Thank you for checking it out, I enjoy reading your posts about the Great Cake too! Your post this year is amazing, so informative and full of pictures!