Friday, January 24, 2014

Coffee and Valentines

Nothing warms my heart better than a cup of coffee....
okay, so maybe not...LOVE does!

 I created this Valentine shoot with coffee in mind and the sweetness of a cookie to go along with it (I prefer something sweet with my coffee). These cookies speak of a sweet and strong love for coffee. Enjoy while you grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea and Have a very sweet and happy Valentine's month ahead!


 Concept and Styling: In Flight Celebrations
Rosette and Conversation Cookies by Wendy Symons




  1. Gorgeous!!! I love the mug and those rosette cookies are beautiful!!

  2. OMG these look delish and I'm such a cookie dunker!!!

  3. Fantastic idea! I love sweets with my coffee too and this just makes me wanna go out and buy some cookies! I love the conversation cookies. So cute! ♥