Monday, January 13, 2014

Dreamcatcher Dessert Table Inspiration

This Dreamcatcher inspiration set up on an antique armoire for a dessert table represents everything I love other than the owls and has feathers, arrows, lace, gold, pretty blue shades and a wolf that inspired this entire set up because I appreciate a great woodland theme. 

I asked Melissa at Melissa Creates to join me on this, because I've seen her work with feathers and arrows and I knew she would loved this theme as much as me.  Melissa created a dreamcatcher, geometric garland, and arrow toppers for our shoot and I loved how everything came up together.

I wanted to decorate with darker tones flowers for a more masculine look, and these were lovely to incorporate along golden embellished feathers. The white fur represents snow to me as I envisioned a wolf in the snow in the middle of the woods. And that wolf was spray painted in gold and used as the cake topper!

For desserts a friend of mine, Regina Long, baked and decorated this lovely two tiers golden cake and the dreamcatcher cake incorporating fringe at the bottom in fondant.
  Maria at Love & Sugar Kisses made some awesome push up toppers which I used for mini iced pecan cookies and also golden feathers that I completely LOVED! I used them to top the milk shots and to decorate the cookie tray with and then on the cupcakes; which you wouldn't believe are store bought... I added some feathers with blue icing and topped them with the fondant feathers and the arrows from Melissa Creates. Boom!

Handpainted Cookies and Macarons were created by my friend Wendy who recently started sharing her work from home at Taste of Art by Wendy Symons. Just lovely! 

This shoot was totally something I had been dreaming and planning for a while
 along the Pink Fox Party.
Two ideas that I wanted to bring to life because they seemed different to me than what I usually work with in the sence of themes and colors and the feel of it. A mix of rustic things with modern and antique and basically no rules to apply.
They showed me that it works, that it can be done.
Catch those fears and let your dreams take flight, I'm telling you!
Concept, Styling and Photography by In Flight Celebrations
Arrow Toppers, Garland and Dreamcatcher by
Featured Entertaining and Creative Editor - Melissa Creates

Cakes by Regina Long
Fondant Toppers by Love & Sugar Kisses
Cookies and Macarons by Wendy Symons
Feather Wooden Forks from Sucre Shop
Push Ups from Garnish
Plates from Shop Sweet Lulu

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  1. You are so talented!! Love everything about this display and I'm honored to have a tiny hand in it. Adore you and your many talents. xo