Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Vintage Scuba

I styled this table this past weekend and I had to share as soon as possible because I loved, loved, loved how it turned out!  Julie at Sugar B's in Knoxville wanted to surprise her husband on his birthday with an office party and she told me he liked the color green, peanut butter and chocolate and he is into scuba and works in computers....I went for the Scuba theme!  I wanted to in turn give the table an older vintage look in order to keep the more masculine colors and this is what I came up with! I also included the name Calypso on the table inspired by Jacques Cousteau's boat.

My vendors are super cool to work on my ideas and I got inspired on weathered scuba flags and compass, on starfish cookies by Cookie Connection and believe it or not on a cake to create the cookies that KJ Cookies was so awesome to make for us!
Scuba color cakepops by Sweet Whimsy Shop just simply styled with brown sugar to simulate sand look beautiful on the table.

Other desserts were whoppie pies, brownies, strawberry cookies and peanut butter/caramel cupcakes.
Julie also baked a great shark cake for her husband and served the drinks in vintage bottles.  You can see the actual party set up at his office below!
Concept and Styling: In Flight Celebrations
Cookies: KJ Cookies
Cake: Sugar B's


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    1. thank you for checking it out Elizabeth! I am so happy with how it all came out!

  2. Such a unique and wonderful theme! I love that "Dive" banner with the wood effect. All the details and the desserts looked so fantastic together!

    1. Thank you Nicole! I was so happy with the results on this one. And the rustic look to it!