Saturday, October 25, 2014

Confetti Party Inspiration

Who doesn't love a good confetti party? 
 I've been wanting to celebrate a special occasion with one and I'm joining Knoxville Moms Blog on their 1st Birthday Celebration with a styled table themed with confetti.  It seem like the right way to celebrate!

This is my inspiration for the styled table and I can't wait to mix in their logo and their colors and celebrate big time.  If you are a mom in the Knoxville area, make sure to link over to their blog and see what these ladies are all about.  I love reading their informative posts and keeping up with their gatherings even though my kids are a little grown now but I wish that when I moved to the area 9 years ago I would've found a group like this that keep each other motivated and share each other's ideas and crafts and the positive and negative sides of everyday parenting including subjects as special as Mothering through Grief, Arrival of a Second Child and more. You can also find their sister sites, City Moms Blog across the country here!
Thanks Knoxville Moms Blog for having me celebrate this special day with all of you
 and Happy 1st Birthday!

I mixed in yellow also for a cheerful and festive look!

I like sharing what I'm working on with all of you, especially with sneak peeks on instagram.  You can see the true way of a party evolving from an idea to the day of the party and is my favorite way of showing you how little things inspire bigger and better things and how everything comes together. 

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