Monday, November 22, 2010

Blue Dreams and Butterflies Sweet 15th, A Celebration to my Daughter

As my oldest daughter Tiana turns 16 right before Thanksgiving this year,  (we had ourselves a 'little turkey', on a Thanksgiving morning)...I found myself wanting to put together a post on the most beautiful celebration we had for her last year, as she turned 15.

In our hispanic culture is a tradition to celebrate a girls 15th Birthday with a big gathering of family and friends.  It it's called a Quinceañero.  She is given a Tiara and a Sceptor and her Dad changes her flat girly shoes into high heels to simbolize her turning into a woman. 

We had the privilege of having friends and family share this joy with us as we celebrated Tiana's Quinceañero in blue shades, hydreangeas and butterflies, in Harmony, Florida

Tiana had damas beside her that acted as "bridemaids" and they all had a special meaning to her.  We gave tradition a little twist, as the damas usually simbolize a year of the Quinceañera's life;  we had 'themes' instead, to simbolize the most important things in Tiana's life:  faith, laughter, reading, music, education, fashion,  family and friends.    The Tiara and Shoes were carried by family,  with her little brother carrying The Shoes and her cousin carrying The Tiara.


Below I share with you the most exciting photos and facts about the celebration.  Our beautiful photos were taken by a dear friend,  dperspectivephoto

Tiana's Guestbook featured pictures of her and family and friends throughout her 15 years for them to sign by their picture.  These also had year dates by them.

"Our Sweet Little Girl" Dessert Table and Favors

The tables were named after favorite songs and her own cake on the Head Table with a clear replica of Jeff Gordon's #24 car (Her favorite number and Nascar Racer)

Fifteen Butterfly Candles for the Guests Cake

Very Proud Mom and Dad

Our Family Picture

My favorite picture of our family of 5! It shows exactly how we are...

View our other post,  "A Quince Diary" to see our ideas and inspiration to make the event.  From how we ask the Damas for their company,  to How the wonderful cookies were made....  


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