Monday, November 22, 2010

A Quince Diary...

I found myself surrounded by dozens of Bridal Magazines for months ( the ones I can't see to just throw away now! ),  and I found inspiration and ideas on ALL of them of course,  but the most important details to giving our daughter a great party and celebration as she turned into a young woman was to listen for what she wanted and that was blue colors, butterflies, paper lanterns,  little on the silver and some Enchiladas to eat!!  

  Even to our family and friends some of the details of how it all became together might be unknown and I can do that now,  given the great opportunity that I designed this blog to share the wonderful details and ideas of Party Planning!

 One of the first inspiration board that caught our attention was this one from Davids Bridal.  The girls with the different shades of blue and the outdoors.

 Image from Martha Stewart Weddings.

The Candy Buffet was one of the first ideas I wanted to incorporate.  helps you create a neat palette of colors for your special occasion. 

And so we sent in an invitation to the Damas to request their company.  Some of the girls traveled with us to Florida from Tennessee to be a part of Tiana's big day.
We used a Bridal Invitation from Wedding Paper Divas.

And Save the Date Cards from Siera di Bella Designs to our guests.

Tiana chose a 'No Train' Strapless, Satin, Pick Up Style Skirt Dress from David's Bridal accented with Capri.

We chose to have it at Harmony Golf Preserve in Harmony,  Florida.  Most of our friends and family are in Central Florida and it's what we consider as Our Second Home.

Photo from Harmony Golf Preserve

We fell in love with the natural beauty of the location.

The invitation was printed at home from the Brides Collection that we bought at our local Michael's. 

And the small details started coming together...  Above are the Butterfly Sceptor,  the sparkly Converse,  the beautiful Davids Bridal Tiara and the "Mis Quince Años" pillow we used for the celebration.  

Damas Place Cards

On their glasses they also had butterflies from Timeless Paper

Timeless Paper Butterfly Place Cards

 Favor boxes for Candy Buffet Table were inspired by...
these from Martha Stewart Weddings

We put together white buckets for the kids to entertain and snack at the party and crystal butterflies were given to the Damas as gratitude.  

We had a "rehearsal dinner" two days before.

 And I found inspiration to put together colors from the event with Thanksgiving colors to host Thanksgiving dinner for our traveling guests the day before.

 Our Thanksgiving invitation for our traveling guests,  also from the BRIDES Collection.

 We really enjoyed having a full house and playing games with our guests.

Tiana danced with her Daddy to the sounds of Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus,   Butterfly Fly Away

 Her flower arrangement was also handmade at home with silk flowers.  Tiana wore a rhinestone flower pin on her blue sash to symbolize that she has always been "Daddy's flower"!  ( It's what he has always call her ).

The delicious cake,  a gift from her Godfather Abraham and his wife Ana,  pictured below with their family.

A picture of Harmony inside entrance.  I was lost in words when I arrived earlier at the banquet room that morning to see everything coming together.  We did not have to lift a finger, as Michelle, the coordinator takes care of all the details.  

While the girls were getting ready....

 This is one of my favorite pictures of the girls!

Inspiration for Tiana's Hair Style from Modern Bride.

Our idea behind the lanterns outside inspired from Susan and Mike's Wedding Episode of Desperate Housewives

Her wonderful Godparents

The cookies were fabulous....

and inspired by a Southern Living Magazine Recipe

and baked and decorated by a great friend from home,  Wendy Robinson.

Wendy made them not only beautiful but delicious too.

November in Florida was a bit cool,  and it got dark fast!  

But Dana managed to take beautiful pictures of Harmony during the afternoon.

Daddy's girl had her dream of being a Quinceañera realized...

And Mom is now proud to share it with you all!

Hope you all enjoyed it!

We love you forever Princess Tiana!

At around 10 years old.
Turning into a beautiful butterfly...

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