Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sweet Stand

If you haven't yet, make sure and visit the first post on this Sweet Shoppe Party, an elementary graduation party I had for my sweet daughter this June.

I created a sweets stand for her and loved the results...

 The sweet stand offered cookies, candy buttons, meringue cookies, cherry yogurt pretzels, green apple pixie sticks, plenty of lollipops of and  ice cream shoppe flavored pop tarts

I found this fabric and the one on top of the stand at Hobby Lobby in the home fabrics section, and I knew I had to use it!

The kids played "pin the cherry on the cupcake", an idea by the honoree. Our good friend, Alexa, that created it for us even added real sprinkles on it!

Printables ~ Chickabug
Handmade Labels ~ In Flight
Cookies ~ Lori's Place
Bags ~ Hey YoYo
Cupcake Art ~ Alexa Brantley

You can see the rest of the Party on our Sweet Shoppe Post!

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