Monday, June 27, 2011

A Traveler's Party -Part Three and Last-

{ A favors table }

Globe Chocolate Pops ~ Bradley's in Knoxville

Favor Cones or I should say...the famous Kones!!! ~ Posh Party Pretties by Celebrate TODAY

Travel Card from Earmark ~ Party Circles Printables by Paper & Pigtails

Gift Tags by Susan's Greetings

Balls from Michael's

Notepads from Target

{ and cookies }

Fondant Toppers by Edible Details
Cake and Cupcakes from Magpies in Knoxville

I like the simple look of the table...
cookies, cupcakes and Oreo cakesters were served along his yummy Chocolate Cake.

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  1. Those travel souvenirs are very cute! I love the cakes with the cameras, and they look tasty too!