Monday, June 27, 2011

A Traveler's Party -Part Two-


{ Sweets and Painting Activity }

It is extremely difficult to maintain desserts at an outside party on a hot summer day, nevertheless....I tried!  Cakepops got a little melted and they started looking like real paint but I think the idea came across and I had extras inside!...Painting in France ladies and gents!  With CAKEPOPS!!  I was inspired by Terri's Treasures' Cakepops created for Paper and Cake's Art Party Printables {which is a must see} and I created the look using our party's color palette.


Our entire table featuring an art/painting theme with petit fours and macarons from our local French Market.

Macarons from The French Market

Again, using only our color palette!

All painting materials from Michael's

{ Kids Lunch }

American Apple Pie 

Snack Boxes from Paper & Pigtails

Hot dogs! 
Bag toppers by Simple Tastes ~ Travel Handmade labels by In Flight

Peanut Butter Sandwiches!
The adults had a choice of burgers and bbq pork sandwiches inside!! (Sorry kids)

4th of July Activities worked great on our USA table

Handmade banner that adorned our USA table 

{ Drinks Table and Game }

Drinks were coordinated to represent the color of the Germany Flag

For game we played Koffer Packen which translates to The Suitcase Game which I found at "The children sit in a circle and create a song by adding their own individual phrases to the existing phrase. The child who starts the game sings the sentence, "I packed my suitcase and place a book inside." Then, the child sitting to the left of the starter must sing the sentence and add his own phrase'...and so on

{ Cookies }

Maracas and Mexican Hats Cookies from Lori's Place

Mexican Fortune Cookies from Oh Goodie Designs 
( so cute, they look like mini tacos )

This fiesta banners from Paper and Cake can be personalized, Love them!

{ "Pizzas" and Mustaches }

Mustaches props and Pizza Cake

{ Sushi }

Candy sushi complete with chopsticks

Handmade Airplane and Maps Garland I created for between the tables.

Make sure you visit A Traveler's Party -Part Three and Last- for the 'Souvenirs and Gift Table' and my son's Birthday Cake Table with the cutest edible fondant toppers COMING UP THIS AFTERNOON!
If you missed -Part One- for the Check In and Guest Tables, here it is!

Thanks for stopping by and again a BIG thank you to all the amazing vendors I work with, you're all incredibly creative!

 ~ Mayra

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  1. I know the cake pops were melting - but OMG - it works perfectly for the shot. I love it!!!!! What a great idea.