Friday, May 4, 2012

Mother's Day Giveaway {Amy Atlas' Sweet Designs Book}

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(open from Friday May 4th till Monday May 7th at 11:59PM EST)

One winner will receive a copy of the fabulous Amy Atlas' Sweet Designs Book!!
 I can send to the winner or directly to the person they'd wish to give it to for Mother's Day.  It would ship on Tuesday May 8th by Priority Mail and arrive in time for Mother's Day {May 13th!}.

This is a non sponsored blog post or giveaway in any way.

I enjoy reading Amy Atlas' Sweet Designs blog as much as I enjoyed the book and all the ideas presented.  I think it's wonderful, inspiring and a great motivator full of visual candy!!  I like how the book it's divided in chapters that show you how to "Bake It, Craft It, Style It, Shop It, Display It and Switch It."

"Amy Atlas, home baker, crafter, and party planner extraordinaire, shows her readers and fans how to create fabulous sweets tables for adults and kids, combining easy recipes, dressed-up store bought treats, and craft ideas to make dessert a grand finale to any gathering." ~ Taken from Amy Atlas Sweet Designs Book


Leave a comment on this blog post sharing with us a special memory from your parties as a child or a party that you have hosted for your children.

{ only 1 comment per person.  please include your name and email address for contact. winner will have only 24 hours to reply by email or a new winner will be chosen in order for me to deliver on time }

Thank you for participating and good luck!!


  1. The best party I have had for my children was a pirate party. My favorite part was the cannons my dad made out of old coffee cans and foam core. He painted them black and we put dry ice in the end cans so they slowly smoked. Fun! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  2. My coolest birthday was when I turned 13, my parents bought me a cake that was shaped and decorated like a Telephone because I was now allowed to talk on the phone...for back in that day it was super cool and talking on the phone was a privileged your parents granted...LOL When my kids were growing up the coolest cake I made them was a slumber party cake-Family Fun Magazine was my best friend! I'd love to win this for my daughter so she can get ideas for my Grand-daughters upcoming 5th Birthday in June.

  3. I threw my first fancy birthday party for my daughter this year. We did a dinosaur party and it was lots of fun.

  4. My favorite party was the one I put for my daughter's 5th birthday party in November. It was so much fun and the girls had a blast. Their favorite part {and mine} was the Hot Strawberry toss game. I downloaded strawberry shortcake tunes on my phone and purchased a big strawberry pillow on etsy that they tossed back and forth. When the music stopped, the girl with the pillow was out, but won a goodie pack of lip gloss and nail polish. Each girl won by the time the game was over :)

  5. When I was younger, my mom went all out with a dinosaur party. She had activities table, scavenger hunt and a large blown-up dinosaur. I still see the pictures from that party and remember how much fun the whole neighborhood had :)


  6. When my boys were little we had a construction party for my boys --- complete with a mini loader and hay bales path, hard hats, and lots of cake shaped like nuts and bolts.

  7. When I was 4 or 5 my grandmother planned a birthday birthday for me in another state. It was with her side of the family. I was amazed at how she could b put it all together.


  8. I've always enjoy my birthday parties as a child. my mom would always make sure my siblings and I will have a pretty good birthday party. She couldnt afford to be FANCY and buy a cake from the bakery every birthday but she would bake our cakes, use betty crocker's candy card assortment to place on the cakes and candles, finger sandwiches, chips/dip and sherbet punch. All of our friends in the neighborhood I grew up in were so excited because she would have the best parties for us. I often tell her about it and we sit and cry about the good times about our birthday parties. She's the BEST MOM! and I truly Love her.

  9. Now that I've got grandkids (all with birth dates within weeks of each other), we try to plan a fun joint party each year!

  10. I love throwing my 4 kids birthday parties. I don't remember really having any parties as a kid so I do as much as I can for my kids. My oldest(11) and youngest(4) birthdays are the 22nd and the 23rd of April. We combine their parties and last year the themes were Rockstar Princess and Pirates. Last year that happened to be Easter weekend. That Friday was my daughter's actual birthday. My friend's son birthday was Easter Sunday and had her party on Friday. After that party we had my daughter's slumber party. They played SingStar, Just Dance, and stayed up all night. Saturday we had the combined party. We had a photo shoot for the Rockstar Pincess, VIP passes, a life-size cut out of her, pictures with the rock star, a nail polish pinata(you had to be VIP for it),and microphone cupcakes. For my pirate we had eye patches, swords, pirate hats, black and red cupcakes with pirate flag toothpicks, and a ginormous treasure chest pinata. We had so much fun. Then the next day we went to my grandmother's house for a family brunch for Easter. I have never partied so hard in my life. It was loads of fun and I was exhausted.

  11. I never had parties as a child, but i loved having birthday parties for my children.Now that i'am a grandmother i am obsessed w/ bloging for ideas and just recently had a ball planning a 4th "CARS" birthday party for my grandson, everyone was so empressed w/ decorations,cookies & food. can't wait for my grandaughter to turn 1.thanks, Jo Ann Graybeal

  12. I don't know if I could pick a favorite party...but the party I threw for my oldest daughter's first birthday is so special to me. I had dreamed of her first birthday and even planned her cake while she was still in the womb LOL! thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    Maria @ Love & Sugar Kisses

  13. I always think back to my young days.... My grandmother would host a special birthday party in the basement, all set pretty and made us "QUEEN FOR A DAY" cOmplete with a big banner behind us, and a crown!
    It has left wonderful memories... I am now 42 and try to make my 3 boys have soecial birthday memories as well!
    LOVE your site! :)

  14. My mom always tried to give us the best parties. I remember one year she made me a barbie cake from one of my favorite barbies. I was so excited!

    goagainstthegrain @

  15. sherissaann@gmail.comMay 7, 2012 at 5:39 PM

    My favorite party was Tori's Sweet 16 done by In Flight! Can't wait to have Austin one with all the trimmings from In Flight!
    Sherissa Flatford

  16. We just had a fun and informal Cinco de Mayo party for our son's 3rd birthday this past weekend. It was really fun to make it cute, but not over the top like most parties that we do. We even found all of our decor from Dollar Tree and really did some fun DIY projects to make it special. He had a blast, and the homemade pinata was the best part! (Because honestly what little boy doesn't like to hit things with a stick?)

  17. Almost all of my birthday parties from my childhood(at least until I was a teen!) had to have one thing....a special cake made by my Aunt Roxanne. I remember most of them being the Barbie style cakes that the cake was the beautiful gown and had Barbie standing in the middle. I LOVED them! My aunt was definitely like a second mother and as I now have tears streaming down my face bc she passed away my freshman year of college all I can say is that those meant more to me than any gift she ever gave. Her cakes were a special part of my birthdays. I am fortunate though, because she passed on many of her "cake tips" to me that I can now share with my own daughter who is almost 1!! I cannot wait to start crafting her "Under the Sea/Mermaid" party and would love to have this book for my 1st Mother's Day! Thank you guys so much! ~ Amanda

  18. I'm the youngest of 6 so no much of birthdays parties for us, but for my 15 bday I have a nice birthday party, the cake was two tiers, all my friends for school were there and we dance until night. good memories.
    Karina Cronk