Monday, May 14, 2012

Woodland Fox Dessert Table

I shared an inspiration with you last week on this Woodland Fox Table I was creating for my son's School.  The auction at the school went great and now I'm sharing with you the table, which I re-created at home for this shoot.

I was inspired to create the table using these lollipop favors from Simple Tastes

and the wonderful Regina Long at Rosa's Catering matched the fox theme with this lovely cake for us

Karen at KJ Cookies also matched the design with some awesome cookies

Ollie Tolly's Naturally Sweet Treats spelled fox for us with their delicious chocolate shortbread cookies.

I had fun making these toppers with fondant to simulate mushrooms and the fox toppers are also part of the Simple Tastes Woodland Collection.

Biscottis and green gum balls added to the dessert list.  I enjoyed not only using turquoise in the color palette for this table but also adding apples as a woodland icon.
the little mushroom cookies are also a great addition by KJ Cookies.
I worked with everything I already owned and had at hand; from the fabric for the banner to the decor on the table and tablecovers.  All the fun was in adding the food items to an already wonderfully decorated table. When I presented the table for auction at the school (which by the way, the winner gets a totally different theme of their choice) the kids there loved the wooden colored pencils more than they did the cute!  I found those at a local gift shop and they were the last ones but I'm sure some browsing online will get you to find some too!
Hope you enjoyed, this table and it's colors make me smile! And the cute little fox it's adorable!!


  1. Love the little fox topper :) Great little party. I like how you showed you can put together a sweet little party with everything you already own.