Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tropical Inspiration

I'm planning a personal celebration for next month,
a Wedding Anniversary Party!
{19 years!!}
So, it might not seem as a special milestone...
but it is my favorite number! 

{puertorican parrots}

For as long as I remember and because I was born on a 19th (October), it has been my favorite number and I look forward to the 19ths of every month because I like those dates.  As a girl I looked forward to my 19th birthday more than I did to my Quinces (Special Celebration on a hispanic girl's 15th birthday).  I will probably make a big deal when my kids turn 19, with God's blessing.
 BUT NOW, I'm celebrating 19 years with the hubby....
hoot hoot!!

OHH, you all KNOW that's not easy... we've been blessed!
And yes, I'll probably have a party next year for the 20th {although we'll also have a celebrating high school graduate by then} and again at 25th maybe... (We already celebrated the first 10 in style a few years ago).  What can I say, I'm a party girl!

So my inspiration and our celebration will be
{guava, mango, mojitos, parrots kind of tropical!!}

Here's just a little sneak pic (I like to call them, Peek~A~Party)
of what I'm putting together for next month...

The colors are green, coral and yellow with navy blue

Also visit me on Pinterest and check out the COLOR! board for all my tropical and colorful inspiration I've been putting together...


Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That fabulous palette promises one great party!

  2. RIO party? love the patterns!

  3. Puertorrican Parrots!!!.I remember ours;Lori & Chispi.