Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In Flight's NEST {Boxed Celebrations}

This is the launch of a New Adventure!
A celebration nested in a white, beautiful box
and ready for you to STYLE your party! 
Our boxes are only available locally in Knoxville, TN  for now,
but I'm looking forward to offering them on giveaways and to clients nationwide pretty soon!
Below are the Themes that are available right now for purchase,
and please look forward to an updated post where I will list what each one of the boxes brings separately.
{all boxes come in with printable files for labels seen in the images and designed by Eye Candy Event Details!!}
 Love Birds Includes: Pink Fabric Runner. 2 Melamine Plates in Peach. 2 Melamine Plates in White. Silverware Set for 2. Vintage Print Paper Napkins. 2 Stripped Glasses. 2 Bird Figures. 1 Glass Dome Cake Stand/Candy Display. 2 Peach Oversized Mugs. Bird Nest and Printable Labels.
 {Party for 2. Perfect for Showers, lunches and date night!}
 Love Owls Includes: Pink Fabric Runner. 2 Melamine Plates in Gray. 2 Melamine Plates in White. Silverware Set for 2. Vintage Paper Napkins. 2 Glasses. Pink Tray. Owl Couple Figures. 3 Vintage Tall Votive Holders. 2 Vintage Carton Boxes and Printables.
{Party for 2. Perfect for Showers, Lunches and Date Night!}
 Wise Owl Includes: Choice of Paper or Plastic Tablecover. Solid White Paper Cups, and Napkins for 8. Solid Green Paper Plates for 8. Brown Plastic Utensils for 8. Kraft Favor Bags for 8. Owl Figure Vase. Painted White Mason Jar with Lace and Twine including Owl and Foliage. Wooden Tray. 3 Twine and Dried Leaves Ornament Balls. Small roll of Green and White Twine and Printables.
{Party for 8. Perfect for Graduations, Men Celebrations and Book Clubs!}
~ SOLD ~
(similar themed boxes can be made with this design) 
 Woodland Birds Includes: Red Plastic Tablecover. Red Gingham Paper Plates for 6. Red Solid Napkins and Plastic Utensils for 6. White Solid Paper Cups for 6. Birdhouse. 2 Bird Nest Figures. Kraft Paper Favor Bags for 6. Red Wooden Cupcake Holder. Red Polka Dots Fabric Bunting. Red and White Roll of Twine and Printable Labels.
{Party for 6. Great for Birthday Parties!}
Each box brings generally the following:
* tablecover or runner
* decor/props/styling items
* plates, napkins, utensils, cups or glasses
* printables
* favor bags included for parties of 4 or more
 Parties could be made for bigger quantity listed, depending on availability of items, just ask!
call 865-922-0619 for prices and availability 
Below you'll see a list of our fabulous Sponsors and Preferred Vendors local and online, who we recommend for your cookies, party flags and straws, cupcakes and cakes, and beautiful handmade custom favors for your parties!
***Special thanks to Karen at KJ Cookies for providing matching cookies for our shoot!***


  1. So excited to have been part of your business "making history"! Thanks so much for humbling me & it was an absolute blast to design for you! ;)

  2. That is sooo much fun! Great vendors too!

  3. Thank you all! I have so much fun putting the boxes together and they have all the details I like!!