Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Your choice, Interest Lists! {Don't miss a thing!}

Miss seeing some pages on your Facebook News Feed?
Want to read only about your favorite pages?
Out of facebook for 3 days and want to catch up?!!!
I have read from many people that they miss a lot on Facebook...
Well not me, I am out of Facebook for 3-4 days and when I go back I go to my own lists of friends, families and party pages I have created, roll down on that particular list and catch right back up without having to read from others I don't want to read about and to making it easier to look for those I want to hear from! 
Let's face it....life it's about choices!!
So today, I thought I would share the way I make my lists with you...It might not be anything new for some but I do hear often of people reading about stuff they are not interested on and people missing what they want to see, so here it is....
This is all done from your Facebook Personal Page, not your Business Page.

These are my lists that I created and can only be created with people in your friends lists (Hope nobody gets offended by being old friends or new!)   =)
These are the lists I created from Pages in order to place them in different categories that satisfy my curiosity when I'm on Facebook.  Sometimes I don't want to read news....I just want to see my favorite Party Pages!! 

How to?
Add the page to your list like it shows in the above picture, by clicking on the icon beside 'Message' on that page and clicking again on 'add to interest list'.  I'm using Go Against The Grain as an example....cause she's awesome!  Have you checked out her shop?!! 
ok, moving on.....
You will get a drop down menu to check or create the list that you would place the page under.  This can also be done by clicking on the 'Liked' button and you will also get a drop down menu to choose your list.  Pages and Friends can be placed on different lists.  You can name your lists whatever you want.
Below, it shows how you see your particular list and only the pages that appear on that list when you visit your Interests menu on the left hand side of your Home page.

{Another shout out to Eye Candy Event Details, on my Party Pages}
You can also Manage your Interest List to see ONLY what you want to see FROM those pages you selected to be on that particular list.  Told you this is all about choices!!  You can also add or delete at any time....

The same way you add the Pages to your Interests Lists is the way you add your "Facebook Friends" to other lists as School Friends, Family, etc....
You click the 'Friends' button and the drop down menu appears for you to place your friend on a particular list of your choice. 
You can then manage that list!  Which means...if you don't want to see their GAMES posts while rolling down your list...YOU DON'T HAVE TO!
I hope my own 'tutorial' if you will...has been good for you;
if it has, please leave a comment!  I appreciate hearing from you!
If you have any questions, by all means I'll try to answer those!
Please understand these are my own ways to navigate through Facebook, personally.
This post is not sponsored by Facebook and opinions are my own.
Thanks for reading and sharing!!
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  1. Thanks for the little shout out and using my FB page!! You rock!