Monday, September 8, 2014

Rustic Modern Pink Quinceañero Inspiration

I'm super excited to be planning my second daughter's 15th birthday as we say in my puertorican culture, Quinceañero.  Melanie's birthday is in the winter months and we're looking forward to celebrating next Summer with family and friends in Tennessee.

This inspiration of course is perfect for any Quinceañera, Sweet 16 or Bride!  Looking forward to mixing in rustic wood and country looks with glittery, shiny and modern accents.  I think is sugar and spice and everything nice!

image credits: bridesmaids wearing boots, bridesmaids wearing boots, pink flower dress, garland balloon, glittery silver table number, pink dress, vintage centerpieces, barn wedding, pink centerpieces

Check out our blue butterflies inspired Quinceañero for our first daughter Tiana; in Harmony, Florida and also here on the blog. Stay tuned for other Quince celebrations posts including how we asked her damas (maids) to her court of honor!

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