Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Book of Life Party Inspiration {A Day of the Dead Celebration}

The Book of Life Movie is coming out this year on October 17th, right before Halloween.  It is associated (and you can read all the rumors about the movie here) with the Day of the Dead, a Mexican tradition which in spanish is Dia de los Muertos.  Where you celebrate and honor friends and family that have died with prayers, offerings, and gifts.

 I'm all excited about the movie, the colors, the proposal, the "La Muerte Castle" and the "Land of the Remembered"!  When I saw this movie trailer in the movie theater a couple of months ago, I thought right away that I had to make a party inspired on it!  So here we are, a month before the movie comes out I have all my plans down and I want to share my wonderful inspiration with you today!
  I'm TEAM Manolo, by the way!

I can't wait to style this one and have lots of fun with all the colors!
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  1. My soon to be 5yr old birthday is the 30th and this is the theme for her party. I love the ideas you have. thanks. Cant wait to see more. FYI The have the dolls and bubbleheads.