Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quince Celebrations {Sweet 15 Real Parties}

Today, on my 'feature week' I want to share with you a few Quince Celebrations, also known as Sweet 15, Quinceañera/o and Mis Quince!

In our Hispanic culture,  a girl is celebrated by family and friends in a big gathering as she turns 15.  She is given a tiara and a scepter and  her flat girly shoes are exchanged for heels. 
The tiara signifies that you are a princess in the eyes of God and the world and the scepter signifies the responsibility being given to you as you become a young woman.  The shoes are exchanged by your parents as they welcome your womanhood.  In some cases, a last doll is also given and in religious celebrations, often a cross.

Today, I want to share with you pictures of my friends daughters and my own as they celebrated their 15th birthday with a Quinceañero Celebration.

My friend Mariela's daughter, Valeria had a pink and zebra stylish celebration.  Love her pink dress and stunning cake!

Love the theme on Arianna's Celebration, my friend Norma's daughter.  Don't you just want a piece of that cake?!!  And her blue dress is so beautiful, what a party!

The above are from my own daughter's Tiana's Quinceañero.  One of the best days!! You can see the entire post here.  And there's even a Quince Diary of our planning days. Photography by DPerspective Photography in South Florida.

Thanks to my wonderful friends for allowing me to share their family pictures!
~ Mayra

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